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Sugar and Spice Book Club

*~*Sugar and Spice Book Club*~*

Sugar and Spice is a book club that was formed in the year 2009. We are a group of friends and relatives. Currently, we have 10 members in our book club and we are always looking as well as accepting new members. Sugar and Spice meets once a month for about three to four hours. We get together to discuss different reading selections that are chosen by the member who hosts the meeting. The member who host the meeting is responsible for providing dinner, drinks and dessert. We enjoy socializing and playing games. Our goal is to live, laugh, and love.

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to culturally enrich our minds through reading novels written by African American authors. We also strive to come together and unite and to create a bond of sisterhood. Our focus is to live, laugh, and love.

How to become a member:

View our past book selections: Recent Books

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